Magnetic Levitation Cloud Lamp


Unique decor design suitable to any room characterized with the magnetic floating effect for everyone who appreciates beautiful design and cutting-edge technology.

Color: Warm

Electrical outlet: US

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Magnetic levitation technology

The combination of 3D-printed clouds and magnetic levitation technology creates a mesmerizing floating effect that’s sure to catch people’s attention.

Interactive lighting

With touch-sensitive controls, users can easily switch between three different lighting modes, including white, calming blue, and lightning flash blue, for a customized experience.

Unique design

The cloud lamp’s 3D-printed design is unlike anything else on the market, adding an eye-catching piece of decor to any room.

High-quality materials

Constructed of premium materials, our cloud lamp is durable and long-lasting for years of use.

Product information:

  • Additional features: decorations, night lights, atmosphere lights
  • Voltage: ≤ 36V (V)
  • Lampshade material: ABS
  • Light color: warm white
  • Shape: Flower shape

Packing list

Cloud light * 1 power cord * 1

Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 120 cm


Electrical outlet